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Quick & Easy Business Loan in Baroda

Unsecured Business Loan in Baroda Vadodara

Best Business Loan in Baroda Vadodara

Vadodara ( Baroda) is the third-largest city in the Western Indian state of Gujarat, after Ahmedabad and Surat. It is the administrative headquarters of Vadodara  District. The city is known for the Lakshmi Vilas Palace. If you’re running a business in Vadodara Baroda and searching for a loan to expand your business and meet your capital funding, availing associate unsecured Business loan are often smart possibility for you. There area unit several banks and NBFCs in Vadodara ( Baroda ) that provide loans while not collateral to businessmen and SMEs. 

Gujarat has always been the best place for commerce, business, and trade. People are enthusiastic and wanted to start new ventures on their own and expand them. A city like Baroda is growing at a very faster rate and it has a numerous number of industries who are fuelling them to grow. The need for finance is always been at a high demand.So if you are looking for a Business loan in Vadodara (Baroda) then inox capitals can be the best choice for you. There are many successful businesses have been running in the city and expanding into some of the best multinational companies in India. Inox Capital has been helping many start-up companies by providing  Small Business Loan in Vadodara.
In order to apply for an Unsecured business loan in Baroda & Unsecured Business Finance upto ₹ 1 CR  you need to meet the criteria set by the financial institutions. Your approach includes factors like years of operation, sustainable revenues and profit. The amount of loan that can be availed can range from some lakhs to crores depending on the nature of your business and financial requirements of your business. Inox Capital help you providing a relevant solution for all these difficult tasks.  inox capital is one of the best unsecured business loan consultant & Project finance consultant in Vadodara Baroda. We have a team of experts who will help you in order to apply and process the loan.

Business Loan Interest Rates in Baroda

Age: Min of 24  to max of 65 years.

Tenor: min 1 year to 5 year max.

Interest Rate:  16 % to 22 % .

Repayment Mode: By way of PDC, ECS or Standing Instructions.

Pre-Closure Charges:  as per bank norms.

Who is Eligible for unsecured business loan in Vadodara Baroda?

  1. Type of business: Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited or Public Limited
  2. Turnover of the business
  3. Profit made by the business
  4. Cash flow of the business
  5. Track record of business

Types of Business Loan in Baroda

Businesses have a variety of loan options to select from. Traditional bank loans are the most popular source of financing, however, securing a loan from a bank is not an easy task. According to an article posted on March 2010, by Karin Price Mueller, “banks are tightening their lending policies due to the economic downfall, making it more challenging for businesses to receive financial assistance from commercial loans”. Aside from commercial loan options, businesses can apply for home equity, lines of credit if one or more of the company owners are homeowners.

Documents Required for Business Loan in Baroda?

  Professional Businessman
1 Photograph of Co-Applicant Yes Yes
Income Document Last 3 year IT Returns, Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 years with Annexure IT Returns, Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 years with Annexure
Bank Account Statements For last 12 months For last 3 months
KYC documents of Co-applicant Yes Yes
Business Proof Certificate of Practice MOA, AOA/ Partnership Deed/ Shop Act License / GST


Loans up to 100 lacs
We offer the highest ticket size of up to 100 lacs as Business Loan so that you can pursue your ambitions for your business. This is the highest ticket size that anyone offers in this category.

No Guarantors.  No Collateral Required  – No want to provide any Guarantors or  any collateral to avail a business Loans.


Who is offering Business Loans in Vadadora/Baroda?

There are many top of  Non-Banking Financial Companies and the line Banks who are offering Business Loans in Baroda vadadora. SBI, HDFC, etc. and Bajaj Finserv and Capital Float are few all the major banks among NBFCs are there in this city.

 HDFC Bank Business Loan – is the biggest private segment bank in the nation and works in Baroda.

Axis Bank Business Loan  – is the third largest bank in the country in the private sector and operates about 10+ branches in the city of Baroda.

Kotak Bank  Business Loan – is a large bank in the private sector which works in about 10+  branches in the city

Citibank Business Loan – is operating out of about 1 branch in the city of Baroda

Bajaj Finserv Business Loan  – is one of the largest NBFCs in India with 1 branch in Baroda city

Tata Capital – is again a well-known NBFC with about 2 branches in Baroda

Fullerton Business Loan – services the entire city of Baroda through their 1 branches

ICICI Bank Business Loan – is the second largest private sector bank in India.

If you are looking forward to Business Loan in Ahmedabad then first you must work towards finding the best ROI for yourself with comparing the rates of the various lenders.


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